Empower Your Investment Community

You provide quality information around business and finance. As a customer-centric media you know about the importance of creating true user-value. Now you want to raise the bar once more, in order to attract and engage the investment community on your website.

Investment Tools run by Algorithms

Swanest uses algorithms to build investment tools that help private investors in taking better investment decisions. Making sense of financial data, crunching complex theories and seeing the big picture has never been easier.

Our products

Module 1

The Market Data Tooltip

Enrich your content with financial data and respective insights. The tooltip performs an automated quantitative analysis on any stock, ETF or mutual fund, to help its user identifying opportunities and understanding associated risks.

Module 2

The Investment Assistant

Get the most out of financial data and provide interactive portfolio guidance. The Investment Assistant helps its users in building, analysing and optimising investment portfolios. Importantly, it upholds independance as much as journalists do, as it works with any stock, ETF and mutual fund.

Module 3

The Portfolio Tracking

Make your content even more relevant to investors. Enable your users to track and manage portfolios on your website. Knowing about their investments and interests will help you to push relevant content when it matters most.

the benefits

Integrate the Tools on Your Website and Harvest the Benefits

Get more subscribers

Attract and engage investors on your website and offer premium features only to subscribed users.

Offer innovative ads

Win sponsors from the fund management industry with innovative in-app advertising opportunities.

Access new revenues

Use the tools only or enable the connection to financial institutions to profit from referral and transaction fees.


Easy integration, fully customisable and API enabled

Adding one line of code will make the tools appear on your website. Tighten the integration through our API ecosystem. Within one week you should be ready to go live!


Customise look and feel

Your colors, your fonts and your language. Your tools. A seamless integration into your environment is what we strive for!


Continuous innovation

Never worry again, stay ahead of the game! We will continuously innovate the tools so you can keep focusing on what is most important to you!

Get access to the demo

Try hands-on and convince yourself!

Learn more about revenue opportunities.

Stay informed about product updates.

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